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She/Her | Filipino, SEA-Canadian | Bisexual & Grey-AKat adores making comics that blend bygone & modern eras; embracing unconventionality that is often avoided with the vintage: Southeast Asian\BIPOC rep & LGBTQIA+ subject matter.Email: [email protected]
Business inquiries: [email protected]

Click on any of the following links to view my work!Kat is a Capilano University 2D Animation Graduate of 2012, previous Storyboard Artist in the Vancouver, BC TV animation industry & is now an independent comic artist.

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Download the free PDF of Rise of the Crow King when you join!Upon form completion, you will be given access to reach my Google Drive Folder. Please note that you will only be able to download the PDF if you have a pre-existing Gmail Account.-Black & White comic, 12 pages
-Drawn by me. Written & lettered by Geoff.
-Dark fantasy, crow people, Labyrinth (1986) vibes.
Need I say more?

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